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Spousal Agreements Attorney
From Parenting to Prenuptual Agreements


Lakeside Spousal Agreements Attorney

Dissolving a marraige is never easy. The emotions involved are complex and sometimes other issues come up that make untangling your lives more difficult. Still, if fair spousal agreements are worked out, some of the stress of divorce can be lessened.

Marc Shular Law has experienced spousal agreements attorneys who can help you negotiate the ins and outs of disengaging from a marriage with as little trauma and resentment as possible. Whether you are considering getting married and want an equitable prenuptual aggreement, or you are at the end of the marriage and need help setting up a parenting plan that will protect your children and your rights, we are here to help.

Parenting Plan Attorney

Taking care of your children is a top priority for any parent – whether they are married, separated or divorced.  Both parents are responsible for protecting their children from unnecessary stress and hardship, and having a fair, workable parenting plan in place is a great step in that direction.

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Parenting plans reach beyond a simple monetary child support agreement. They include child custody arrangements, financial arrangements, and even a mechanism for resolving disputes that may come up in the future. It designates how parenting costs and responsibilities will be divided, and also protects the rights of both parents and their relationships with the children.

Parenting disagreements arise even between spouses, so it’s understandable that they might pop up between parents who are no longer together. That is where working with a parenting plan attorney can be invaluable. The best parenting plans are drafted with the focus on serving the best interests of your children, but also in protecting the rights of both parents. A great parenting plan will include:

  • Guardianship for the children
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Routine visitation schedules
  • Holiday and vacation schedules
  • Decision-making authority for each parent
  • Communication plans for both the parents and children
  • Contingency plans for parental relocation
  • Plans for potential changes in support arrangements
  • Dispute resolution plans for future conflicts
  • Plans for evolving the agreement as the children grow.

A parenting plan can even include stipulations for giving a non-custodial parent the right of first refusal if the custodial parent needs a babysitter. Your parenting plan should be as unique as your children and their needs.

Let Marc Shular Law guide you through the process of creating a parenting plan that will protect your children  and minimize stress now and in the future.

Spousal Support Agreement Attorney

Spousal support is neither automatically awarded nor a lifetime condition in a California divorce. There are rules governing who gets spousal support, who pays spousal support and for how long.

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Spousal support is a separate issue from child support, and is usually determined after a child support agreement is reached either by negotiations or by the court.

Spousal support comes in two types. Temporary spousal support is paid during a separation and divorce proceeding to help the receiving spouse pay for expenses while the marriage is being dissolved.

Permanent spousal support may not actually be permanent, depending on the length of the marriage before the divorce. There is a presumption under California law that both spouses will strive to become financially independent of each other, and the court presumes that the shorter the period of time the couple was married, the sooner that financial independence can be achieved. There is not an automatic cutoff date, and marriages that end after more than 10 years may indeed result in lifetime spousal support arrangements.

Reaching a spousal support agreement with an experienced spousal support attorney can be the best way to create an equitable arrangement that serves both parties. It can include contingencies for if either spouse experiences a change in employment status, remarries, has a sudden financial windfall or loss, or experiences other life changes.

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Prenuptual Agreements Attorney

It might not seem romantic, but the best time to make decisions about protecting your children, your assets and your rights in a marriage and in the potential end of that marriage, is before the wedding date. This is especially true if you already have children from a previous marriage, property purchased or inherited before the marriage, or any business or investment interests that preceed the marriage.

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A great prenuptial agreement will protect both you and your intended spouse from any legal complications from outside interests, such as an ex-spouse or partner, and from any future misunderstandings. It should be crystal clear, and also provide for the needs of the marital partners as the marriage grows and develops.

California has strict guidelines that, if violated, will render your prenuptual agreement invalid, so it is wise to get the advice of an experienced spousal agreement attorney while creating your prenup. For example, your prenup is not valid if it includes previsions for future child support or child custody arrangements. It also is not valid if any sort of coersion is used to get one or the other party to sign the agreement.

Make sure your prenuptual agreement will stand up over time with the help of a spousal attorney from Marc Shular Law.

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A Lakeside spousal agreements attorney can help make the process of divorce much less complicated for you and your former partner. Coming to a fair and reasonable agreement on such important issues as child custoday, parenting plans, and spousal support can create a trusting environment for you and your former partner as you rebuild your lives separately.

Marc Shular Law has the experience and empathy to help you move forward with your life while protecting you, your assets, and your children. Tell us about your unique situation and let us help you develop spousal agreements that will serve you now and in the long run.

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