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I can't say enough good things

Marc Shular, Noelle Slattery and their team are some of the most amazing, caring lawyers out there. I have known Marc, Noelle and their staff both as an associate auditor and as a client. I can't say enough good things. Reliable, professional, truthful and provided me with legal advice, that at the time, i didn't want to hear, but was in my best interest. I did follow their guidance and am so thankful I did. They took good care of me and help me get it over with. I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to Marc Shular and his team.Thank you, Marc and Noelle!

- Nadine Erickson

Kershek and Shular is a class act law firm

Kershek and Shular is a class act law firm. They handled issues with my child support/custody case multiple times. They were timely and informed me of everything along the way. Marc and Noelle are so knowledgeable and I felt like they really cared about my outcome. I have and will continue to recommended them. I read through some of the other reviews and I couldn't believe that the negative reviews were written about the same firm that I have done business with multiple times. They must be isolated incidents. Not only can you trust Shular, but you should trust them. They will take great care of you and your family!!

- Mike Rich

Marc's team help me get through a trouble milestone of my life.

Marc's team help me get through a trouble milestone of my life. He was able to apply his expertise and experience and truly look out for my best interest. Please go to Marc first before going to mediation. Please avoid the pitfalls of mediation process for the other parties involve will see every possible opportunity to delay and drag out the process. Thank you much!

- Lin T

Efficient attorney with a positive manner

Marc David Shular is an efficient attorney with a positive manner who encourages for peace & fair. Simple and straight with an effective communication skills. Possess qualifications and qualities to complete the tasks fast. Thank you & God bless!

- Sam Hazelton

The Law Office of Marc Shular is a firm I would recommend

I spoke to Marc after speaking to two other law firms and I knew he was the right choice. His knowledge of family law and no B.S. attitude is what I was looking for. Marc communicated with me very well and put me at ease with the whole legal process. No question was too small or unimportant for him not to take the time to answer. His staff was very friendly as well and kept me informed with court dates and proceedings. They also made you feel that your case was important to them and they had your best interest at heart. The Law Office of Marc Shular is a firm I would recommend.

- Gladys Vandemark

Marc did an awesome job. He helped me with my divorce

Marc did an awesome job. He helped me with my divorce. He answered all my questions, even though some may have been dumb. He always responded back in a timely manner even when I emailed him late at night. He even tried to save me money by trying to get my ex to settle. She didn't want to settle but I appreciate how he didn't care about the money but cared more about me and making sure he was doing everything to help me move on with my life. I would recommend him to anybody. Marc keep up the hard work and keep taking care of your clients.

- Joi Crown

He handled my emotions and frustrations professionally

Marc Shular handled my divorce. He was exactly the bulldog I needed. He had everything ready on court day which sounds like the minimum but my wife's lawyer was not ready after 18 months to prepare. He went through everything with me before court. Whenever I called he made himself available and usually kept the time short to save me from being overly charged. He handled my emotions and frustrations professionally. Everyone at the law firm was incredibly helpful. I could not ask for a better person to help me in my time of need.

- Ron Jaques

He and his staff have done an amazing job so far

I had Marc Shular representing me in my divorce and custody case. He and his staff have done an amazing job so far. I have just finished the 2nd appearance and he did a great job at preparing me for court. He really knows his stuff and was able to anticipate potential issues and questions with the other party. I feel confident going forward that we will prevail at the end and am grateful I found great representation. Highly recommend!

- Thomas Little

Marc represented me beautifully

Marc represented me beautifully. He answered every phone call and email in a timely and professional manner and conducted himself very professionally in court. He fought in every way possible for my case and I received the outcome that I wanted. I highly recommend him and his law firm. They are awesome people and if you put your case in their hands- you will be blessed for it and so glad that you did.

- Evangelina Guy

I always felt like I was in good hands

Marc Shuler and his team are great. They handled my child support modification case, and with their help, advice, and guidance my case was resolved. They were excellent from beginning until the end. I always felt like I was in good hands and never regretted my decision to go with Marc. Thank you all so much!

- Kailash Thapa

When I think of a model of customer service I think of Marc Shular

When I think of a model of customer service I think of Marc Shular. From the intake process through case conclusion they are accessible every step of the way. That’s not all though. They are also highly attentive towards your objective and goals. They create a strategy with you and execute that strategy seamlessly. While it’s not reasonable to assume hiring attorney alone will get you a 100 % of what you want, I can assure that hiring Marc Shular and his team will give you a better shot than other firms or doing on your own.

- Kay Weingarten

Marc Shular helped me with my custody case

Marc Shular helped me with my custody case. About 1 year ago my ex told me she was moving 3 hours away with her new husband and their kids and said she wanted to do a week on week off parenting schedule with our son we share custody with. He's going into kindergarten and I did not want him home-schooled. When shopping around for a lawyer Marc not only proposed the least expensive way to retain him, but he proposed the smartest plan. Every firm I spoke to prior to speaking with The Law Firm of Marc Shular quoted anywhere from 5k-10k and those were just retainer fees. Marc had a plan prior to taking our case to court. This posed as a scare tactic to show my ex the reasons why she would not win this case. Needless to say, it worked. I now have more time with my son than I have ever had and I could not be more grateful!! I would highly recommend Marc Shular to represent you if you are in need of a lawyer. I will 100% be calling him in the future if his services are ever needed again!!

- Pathomphone Xenglong

I couldn't be happier with Marc Shular for my family law case

I couldn't be happier with Marc Shular for my family law case. He is extremely sharp and thorough. He cared about my input and I felt heard which is unfortunately not what a lot of lawyers care to do and I think is very important. What I appreciated about Marc after having had a few lawyers in the past years is his true compassion and care for my case. He really cared about everything I needed to say and share because the details mattered to him for him to best represent me. I interviewed a few lawyers before I met him and I felt so dismissed. A few lawyers with hefty retainers even told me I didn't have a case when I knew in my heart I did. Marc believed in my case and said I definitely had a case and that he would do everything possible to help me make things right for my son and he did. He put the pressure just right on the other party and we won everything without even having to go to trial, and it was really my son who won and no victory could be sweeter. I am so grateful for Mr. Shular and his assistant for making me feel like I won the lottery in representation in my family law case! I would recommend Marc to anyone and he is extremely affordable! Thank you Marc Shular! You're the best!

- Rebecca Lee

I found Mr. Shular to always be professional

I found Mr. Shular to always be professional, conscientious, and trustworthy. He was very responsive to my needs and handled my matters in a timely fashion.

- Cindy Steimer

GIVE MARC A CALL! He is efficient and very cost effective! You won't regret it!!!

When I was in need of legal counsel I was very distraught. The frustration was making me narrow sighted and fearful, that there was no one who could assist me in my situation. My first consultation with Marc Shular not only significantly reduced my worry, his legal advice gave me clarity and a broader understanding of my position in my case. Marc is attentive to details, has great response and communicates well with me. I felt understood and he also didn't lead me on with false hopes. Straight shooter with a great understanding of resolutions. If you are reading this and you need an attorney...GIVE MARC A CALL! He is efficient and very cost effective! You won't regret it!!!

- Sally Howard

Mr. Shular is compassionate and experienced

Mr. Shular settled my divorce very professionally and to my total satisfaction. I was very nervous getting divorced after 22 years of a difficult marriage. He communicate with me every step of the way and stood up for me and my children. I was a stay at home Mom and felt vulnerable. Mr. Shular is compassionate and experienced.

- Dar F.

I'm so glad I found Marc

I'm so glad I found Marc. He is that smart, sincere, good lawyer that's hard to come by nowadays. He gives you his complete attention and really listens to you. He actually resolves things the way you want them done. I've dealt with many lawyers and he is a rare breed. Very patient, understanding and will give you the best advice. Not money motivated like most lawyers out there and actually works quickly and efficiently to take care of your issue(s). I recommend him to all my family and friends!

- Marc B.

I recommend them if you need legal representation!

I want to thank Marc Shular and his assistant for a great job handling the process of my divorce. This has been the hardest challenge of my life and they both were really great to work with. Marc truly does everything he can to help represent you for your best interest. I recommend them if you need legal representation.

- Daniel Popp

experience, the integrity, the motivation!

Marc Shular has the experience, the integrity, the motivation to give you the best representation in family court that money can buy.

- Isabelle Sato

Best Family Law practice in San Diego!

Best Family Law practice in San Diego. They actually CARE and will fight for you even if you don’t fight for yourself. Truly amazing and Attorney Marc Shular is a rising star.

- Debbie Jones

would recommend him to anyone with the same needs I had!

Marc Shular did a great job at keeping me informed and making me feel heard. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with her. In the court room he was professional and knew his stuff. I am grateful to have had him and would recommend him to anyone with the same needs I had.

- Nancy Mills


Attorney Marc Shular is HIGHLY Recommended. He took careful consideration into all my requests, provided strong reliable legal advice and produced a very robust and comprehensive pre-nuptial agreement. Will definitely utilize again if any legal situations arise. AAA+++

- Elena

I would recommend The Law Offices

I worked with attorney Marc Shular and my experience with him was absolutely great. Attorney Shular kept me well informed with my case, he answered all my questions very quickly when I emailed and would always take my call if she was not in court or had a client. Attorney Shular made me feel like I was important to him and that he had my back in my court case. I would recommend The Law Offices of Marc D. Shular and especially Attorney Marc Shular.

- Chris Culy

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

The Law Offices of Marc Shular did an amazing job with support on my divorce and child custody case. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Marc was very prompt and knowledgeable with my questions and concerns.

- Abigail Rivett

He is highly recommended!

Marc was great at helping us navigate though a year long custody battle. He is very responsive to messages along with his staff. Marc gave us positive and negative feedback to help us win our case which we appreciated. He was not afraid to tell us if he didn’t think something was a good idea. In the end our case ended the way we wanted and we couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Marc and his team. He is highly recommended.

- Darius Smith