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El Cajon Family Lawyer

Legal proceedings involving family matters are notoriously complicated. Not to mention, they can be quite pricey. California’s Penal Code and Family Law provide a very technical and rigorous process for cases of divorce, child support, child custody, domestic violence, alimony, asset division, and other related matters.

Furthermore, these affairs typically involve heavy emotions and relationship damage that go beyond the complexities of laws. It is no wonder that many families would first attempt to process these legal matters themselves without the help of the courts.

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On the other hand, as experts on family law, we highly advise anyone who goes through a divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody arrangements, and other legal family issues to get the services of a El Cajon family lawyer.

In most cases, families who refuse to get legal help would find themselves in a much more difficult and more costly situation than they initially expected. With an expert by your side, you can have a much better grasp of all the laws and procedures applicable to your case, allowing you to make better decisions and see better outcomes in the end.

Moreover, with a El Cajon family lawyer from Marc Shular Law, you can expect to have someone take care of all the legal documents, filings, submissions, and even court proceedings that you may have to attend.

If you partner with us, a top-notch law firm specializing in family law, you will have a highly trained and dedicated legal team that will do everything to make sure your interests and well-being are protected.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Marc Shular Law’s team of top-notch lawyers and legal experts on California family laws can help you with all your family law needs. Like any good lawyer, we do not promise certain results. But we do promise that we will do everything we can to help you get the best outcomes according to your interests and family’s welfare.

Here are the most common legal family problems that we help people with:

Divorce Attorney: Divorce cases typically involve many other issues, such as asset and property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support. These situations can be very complicated depending on the factors involved, like high-value assets, children with special medical needs, and domestic abuse.

Because divorce is definitely one of the most difficult relationship issues that anyone may face in their lifetime, our experts at Marc Shular Law are both competent and compassionate in our work. We are here to help you get through the difficult processes and decisions that you will encounter in this trying time.

Property & Asset Division: In most divorce cases, couples are concerned about which properties and assets will belong to each. You will need a legal expert’s help to determine and fight for the properties and assets that belong to you as protected by the law. We can also help you strategize certain assets and use them as leverage to put things in favor of your interests.

Child Custody Lawyer:  Child custody cases obviously demand a special kind of care and compassion because the main priority of these situations is the welfare of children involved in a legal separation. Let us help you understand the state’s custody laws and help argue your case to get the best outcome for your children. If there is a need for child custody modifications or enforcement, which are typically more complicated situations, we can also help you with that.

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Child Support Attorney: The ideal goal of child support cases is that both parents must have a significant contribution to the raising of their children. Typically, one parent would be in charge of the daily upbringing of the children, including all their daily needs and deciding on their education, religion, health, and other important life aspects.

The other one would be tasked with providing adequate financial support for the children. Whether you are the one who will spend more time with the children or the one who will be providing financial support, we can help you get the fairest results of the case based on the welfare of your children.

Spousal Support: Spousal support is another common issue that comes with a divorce. Whether you are the one requesting support or you are being compelled to provide it, we can help you out. Our legal team can represent your case and argue for your interests if you are filing for spousal support. If you are on the other side of the issue, we are here to make sure that the computation for support is fair. We can also build a good case for court if you are unjustly being forced to pay for support even if the law does not warrant it.

Father’s Rights Lawyer: In the case of unmarried couples that have a child, the authority over the kid is on the mother. However, the law still provides rights and opportunities for the father to get custody and visitation rights. The father would have to prove that he is responsible and has the resources to allow a legally protected connection with his child. Establishing paternity, arranging child custody, and requesting visitation rights are definitely legal affairs that would be much easier with a El Cajon family lawyer by your side.

Domestic Violence: Abuse is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. If you or someone you know is undergoing physical, mental, verbal, or psychological abuse committed by a family member, our firm is fully capable of helping you sort out both the safety of the victim and the legal affairs needed to protect them. Just give us a call as soon as you can so we can immediately execute legal actions.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Family matters are complicated enough. If legal issues must be involved, you will definitely need a El Cajon family lawyer who is not just highly competent and trained but is also someone that you can trust with the personal information of your situation. Get the best lawyer at Marc Shular Law.

With both first-rate legal skills and an understanding of the human aspect of these highly technical cases, our legal team can definitely provide the services that you need to get out of this tough situation you’re in. We will listen attentively to your case and make a strategic plan on how we can solve your situation in the best way possible, as provided by the law.

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