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In most cases of divorce, annulment, and legal separations, kids are often involved. If mishandled, children will definitely be affected negatively on top of the already heavy burden of having a broken family. They can lose either their father or mother in their daily lives, depending on the legal arrangements that will be made. Either way, this loss of connection from their once whole families will have a significant impact on all facets of their lives.

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The law does its best to help protect the development of the lives of children with legally separated parents. If you’re going through a divorce, the best way to make sure your children get the best of these protective laws is to get a Spring Valley child custody attorney that you can trust.

Get a team of highly trained and competent legal experts at Marc Shular Law. On top of our seasoned skills and technical excellence, we are also offering top-notch legal services supported by compassion for all our clients and the safety, development, and welfare of their children involved in spousal separation cases. We will handle every legal process, document, and item that you will have to manage with first-rate work ethic and understanding for the difficult time that you and your family will be facing.

Rest assured that we will be providing the best of our resources to make sure that you get the best possible results for your children in your Spring Valley child custody situation.

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Spring Valley Child Custody

California law allows either parent to engage in an agreement with the other party about how they will share the time and raising responsibilities of their children. If an agreement can be easily reached, the court, which is in charge of making the final decisions regarding child custody situations, will definitely approve it as soon as possible. But of course, this is not always possible. There may be a necessity for the parents to meet a Family Court services mediator before a judge if they cannot arrive at a harmonious solution regarding visitation and custody agreements.

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Legal custody and physical custody are two types of custody situations that California law aims to establish. Physical custody involves arrangements regarding which parent the child will live with and which parent will be restricted with visitation terms with regards to his or her physical time with the child. On the other hand, legal custody is concerned with the responsibility or right to decide on the child’s major life aspects, which include education, religion, residence, medical decisions, and the like.

In cases of sole custody where only one parent has custody over the child, the court will lay out time-sharing arrangements that determine how much time the other parent can have with the child. The visiting parent can receive a scheduled time-sharing plan, a reasonable agreement, supervised visits, or a total no-visitation policy. In deciding on this, they consider factors such as the safety concerns of the parents and, of course, the general well-being of the child. Typically, the court orders supervised visits so the child can have some sort of familiarity with the other parent after a long time of separation. No-visitation arrangements are obviously required if the non-custody parent has a record of causing definite harm to the child or the other parent.

Whatever kind of custody you are aiming for or what is best for your kid, Marc Shular Law is here to help you achieve it as made possible by the law. We will do our best to help you figure out the best custody and visitation arrangements regarding your children, representing you in court and delivering effective reasoning to fight for your interests.

Determining Child Custody

Child custody laws prioritize the best interests of the child. So the courts will definitely favor the parent who they think will be able to give the best life to the kid involved in a custody case. From the child’s age and health to the history and disposition of both parents, the court will definitely consider every important detail to determine the terms of child custody arrangements.

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Occasionally, certain cases come up where the court sees that neither of the parents is capable of providing a good life for the kid involved. The court will be compelled to look for a responsible adult in the child’s life to receive custody rights. Indeed, the welfare of the child goes first in child custody cases.

There are other situations where we can clearly see how California courts prioritize the child’s well-being over anything else. If the kid is a girl, it doesn’t automatically mean that she will be taken under the care of the mother, and vice versa. If the parents are not married or have different religious beliefs, the courts can still allow the other parent to have some sort of visiting rights. This still applies if the non-custodial parent has a disability or has a different sexual orientation. Moreover, even if the visiting parent is showing uncooperativeness in meeting the proper child support deadlines, the custodial parent cannot deny visitation rights. On the other hand, even if the custodial parent wrongly denies visitation rights, the other parent must still stay committed to providing financial support to the child.

There are situations where the parents easily agree on how they will do visitation, child support, and other custody aspects, thereby removing the need for court intervention. The main benefit of involving the courts is that the child custody situation will be legally binding and therefore have repercussions if violated. Rest assured that Marc Shular Law will help you with all the legal processes that you will have to undergo as you aim to achieve the best Spring Valley child custody situation for your child. We will make sure that your child receives the best possible legal protection, giving you the best opportunities to raise them properly.

Custody Modification & Enforcement

Custody arrangements are not unchangeable. If certain circumstances arise, such as job loss or medical emergencies, the court can help the parents involved in a child custody arrangement so the child can still receive the best legal support possible.

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If the parents wish to make some changes to the visitation and custody arrangements, they must undergo mediation and court hearings to assess the need for the modifications and appeal to the courts for their desired outcomes. This is allowed every two and a half to 3 years.

It might seem like a hassle to make sudden changes to your custody situation. But don’t worry. Just give us a call, and we will make your situation much easier. We can help you analyze how to best modify the arrangements for the sake of meeting your child’s needs as allowed by the law.

Our Spring Valley, CA child custody experts will make their best arguments and efforts to convince the courts that your modification goals are in the best interests of your child. We can also help you with custody enforcement in case the other party fails to follow the terms of your custody agreement.

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Divorce or legal separation is never an easy situation. But if children are involved, it is inevitable to face another layer of difficulty in your already tough case. To make sure that you are making the best decisions for your children, it pays to have the help of legal experts who have tons of experience handling Spring Valley child custody cases.

If you need a law firm that you can trust with the welfare of your child, go to Marc Shular Law. Here, our lawyers and legal experts are not just competent and highly skilled. They are also compassionate and dedicated to helping our clients get the best life possible through the benefit of our laws. We are here to make sure that your custody, modification, and enforcement endeavors are maximized with high-quality legal services, all for the interests of your child or children.

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